The Valyrian Freehold

The Valyrian Freehold was  perhaps the greatest empire to ever exist, encompassing nearly the entire continent of Easteros. With its capital city of Valyria, The Freehold was set up approximately 5,000 years ago and thrived until the Doom, approximately 400 years ago.

Previously a quiet sheep-herding people living on the continent of Easteros, the Valyrians discovered dragons beneath the Fourteen Flames, an enormous chain of volcanoes located in Valyria. Using magic, the Valyrians spend years learning to tame the dragons; once tamed, the Valyrians become immensely powerful. They establish the Valyrian Freehold, a collection of city-states under the control of the Valyrians. Valyria becomes the capital of the Freehold, and develops into the greatest civilization that ever existed. Magic flourishes, towers are built to the heavens, dragons fly the skies, and great swords made of Valyrian steel are forged.


Ancient Valyrians discover dragons beneath volcanoes 


The Valyrians first major victory was the Conquest of Ghiscar. At the time, Ghiscar was the most powerful empire of Easteros, and after five separate battles, the Valyrians successfully destroyed this empire and the majority of its people. The Valyrians then expanded further west on the continent of Easteros, invading another powerful empire, Rhoyne. Despite facing an army of a quarter-million soldiers, the Valyrians destroy the Rhoynish Empire with the use of their dragons. Rhoynish Warrior Princess Nymeria unites the surviving peoples of Rhoyne and flees across the Narrow Sea to arrive at Dorne. Upon arrival, she forms an alliance with House Martell, putting all her people at its command and helping House Martell to conquer the rest of Dorne.


Dragons fly over Old Valyria


In 200BAL, thousands of years after the Freehold was established, the Valyrians continue to expand further west, and claim control of a small island just off the coast of Westeros. This marks the most western piece of land that is claimed by the Valyrian Freehold, and is only a few miles off the coast of Westeros. The island is controlled by one of the strongest Valyrian families, the Targaryens, who go on to build a castle with towers that look like dragons, earning it the name of Dragonstone. The Targaryens live at Dragonstone for the next 200 years, until the Doom occurs, and Aegon lands his dragons on Westeros in pursuit of Aegon’s Conquest.


The Targaryen castle of Dragonstone

The Targaryen castle of Dragonstone

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