House Arryn

House Arryn is one of the great houses of Westeros, ruling over the Vale from the seat of the Eyrie. They are also wardens of the east. Whereas most regions of Westeros have experienced changes from the noble houses that first settled the area to the noble houses that rule over it today, House Arryn is a rare exception; they were among the first Andal people to settle the Vale thousands of years ago and still rule over it today. As such, they are one of the oldest houses of Westeros and maintain the purest bloodline of Andal nobility. Their sigil is a blue falcon over a white moon, upon a sky-blue field. Their words are “As High as Honor.”

Sigil of House Arryn

Sigil of House Arryn


The Vale was originally settled by the First Men, but was conquered by House Arryn approximately 6,000 years ago during the Andal Invasion. For the next 6,000 years, House Arryn would rule as kings of the Kingdom of Mountain & Vale, one of the Seven Kingdoms. Their reign as kings came to an end when they pledged fealty to Aegon the Conqueror during his Conquest. In return, Aegon appointed House Arryn as overlords of the Vale and wardens of the east.

More recently, Jon Arryn, head of House Arryn, refused to turn over Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark to the Mad King who demanded their heads. This would mark the beginning of Robert’s Rebellion, as House Arryn, along with Baratheon, Stark and Tully, would raise their banners against the Mad King. After the war is won and Robert takes the Iron Throne, he appoints Jon Arryn, a figure that had been like a father to he and Ned, as Hand of the King. However, after Jon Arryn learns the truth that King Robert has no true heirs, he is poisoned by House Lannister, which is where the GoT series begins. After his death, his wife Lysa, retreats to the Eyrie with their son Robert, the last remaining Arryn male.

Funeral of Jon Arryn

Funeral of Jon Arryn


King Ronnel Arryn was the last king to rule over the Kingdom of the Mountain & Vale. Just a boy, he bent the knee to Aegon, resulting in House Arryn maintaining dominion over the Vale.

Jon Arryn was head of House Arryn and the last great Lord of the Vale. He was a father figure to Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark and was eventually poisoned during his service as Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon.

Lysa Arryn is wife of the late Jon Arryn and mother of Robert Arryn. After her husband’s murder, Lysa became increasingly paranoid and refused to leave the confines of the Eyrie. Despite that her son Robert is the last male Arryn, she fails to each him the ways of lordship or raise him to preserve the Arryn bloodline.

Robin Arryn is the last male in the bloodline of house Arryn. He is a young boy when his father, Jon Arryn, is murdered.

Lysa and Robert Arryn

Lysa and Robert Arryn

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