About Thrones Life

Welcome to ThronesLife, the blog dedicated to helping you understand Game of Thrones better, so that you can love it even more. Season 5 premieres on April 12th and there is a ton of amazing content on this site to get you ready for the new season, which is going to move at a much faster pace than any of the seasons to date. Become familiar with this site and you will go into next season with a much better understanding of the Game of Thrones world.thrones

In 1991, George R.R. Martin began writing A Song of Ice and Fire, an epic fantasy series that he would work on for the next 20+ years. HBO would later adapt this series, using the name of the first book in the series, A Game of Thrones. The world created in these books has countless names, places, families, and characters. And let’s face it — the  show moves fast. While you’re trying to make sense of a scene’s dialogue or recall a certain character, they are already onto the next scene halfway across the world. The result is that you end up missing out on certain information and fail to make important connections. That’s where this blog comes in — think of it as your cheat-sheet to all things Thrones. It will strengthen your understanding of all the basics such as characters and families, geography and locations, etc… So now when you are watching and the name of a character or place is mentioned, you will know exactly who and what they are talking about, rather than having to stop and think about it.

More importantly, this blog will provide an amazing recap of the 12,000 year history that takes place prior to the current time period you are seeing today in the show. In the seven book series, there is a much greater opportunity to read about and achieve a more thorough understanding of the past. However, in a 60-minute episode, all you get are brief references to history via character dialogue. And, if you do not already have some basic understanding of the past, it is nearly impossible to grasp these references. So, again, this blog offers you a snapshot of what you would get from the books — information that is very difficult to extract from the show. Understanding the past will make the present that much better.

I will never provide spoilers or any information you should not yet know based on where the show is. The  majority of this site will cover events that have already happened in the past.

I will update regularly so enter your email to the right to receive updates on new posts and episode recaps. Contact me at kentjacob1@gmail.com

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